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PT. Panah Perak Megasarana (PPM) and Associated Partners has extensive O&M experience with a wide range of fuels, equipment and operating conditions. Our experience with various fuels includes mini hydro,natural gas, pulverized coal, waste coal, biomass and waste/refuse and solar cell plant technology.

Plant owners can take advantage of our O&M expertise with all types of power generation applications, including electric power, central heating, combined cycle or process steam.

Possessing a demonstrated record of plant improvement,ultimate goal of its O&M services is to provide consistent bottom-line operating results. Whether the results are plant heat rate efficiency, reliability, availability, safety or a combination of several measurable objectives, PT. Panah Perak Megasarana (PPM) and Associated Partners possesses the experience and capabilities to deliver.

Reliability levels at plants managed by PT. Panah Perak Megasarana (PPM) and Associated Partners are well best industry average. Its on-peak availability factor, a key economic performance indicator, is consistently in the highest percentiles. Often, operational improvements are gained with little or no capital expenditures.

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