Our Services

Advisory Services

  • Site & Facility Management.
  • Support Program Identification.
  • Economic Modeling & Project Forecasting.
Financing Options

  • Direct Ownership.
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).
  • Lease Structures/ BOO & BOOT.
Procurement & Construction
  • Construction Management.
  • Professional Engineers.
  • Trained and Certified Installers.


Service & Maintenance

  • Operations & Maintenance.
  • (O&M) Contracts System Monitoring & Support.
Design & Engineering

  • In-House Design & Engineering.
  • Expertise for Commercial & Industrial Systems.
Incentive Advisory & Management Services
  • Incentive Advisory.
  • Management Services.
  • Carbon Credit.

PT.Panah Perak Megasarana oversees every phase of the development process for a Project, from site selection, project development and design, project financing, construction, installation, and maintenance.

PT.Panah Perak Megasarana owns and operates the project development with a consortium / partnership and employs leading consultant and project management services in every their business development in the energy, and infrastructure industries.

Panah Perak Megasarana also with Partnerships with Leading Companies in the World acts as an Exclusive Sole Distributor, Importer and Agent Company that sells and provides all the needs of Equipment Components and Systems for Solar Power Generation, Wind Power and Hydro Power.

Our company is also experienced in Solar Power Generation, Hybrid Solar and Wind Power and Hydro Power (On Grid/Off Grid) System as well as Solar Home (Solar Roof House) and Solar Industrial System (On Grid/Off Grid-Hybrid).

This Solar and Hybrid Power Plant can be installed in as for CCTV, Gas Stations, Homes, Industries, Warehouses, Factories, Hospitals, Offices, Airports, Ports, Agriculture, Plantations, Ships, Mining, Base Camps, Ponds, Fisheries, Hotels, Cottage Resorts, Cold Storage, Telecommunications and in Remote Areas that are not or have not been reached by electricity connection.

With the support of employees who are experts in their fields, our Company can carry out Survey, Supply, Design, Planning, Design, Maintenance, Supervision, Commissioning, Consultants, and Executing Installations on Site and also Lease Program for Solar Home and Solar Industry System (e.g Up to 5 Years Period).

Our company also provides a variety of New and Renewable Energy Products such as :

  1. Panel Surya (Solar Cell),
  2. Turbin Angin (Wind Turbine),
  3. Hybrid Solar Cell+Turbin Angin (Mobile Plant),
  4. Inverter,
  5. Solar Charge dan Solar+Angin (Hybrid) Controller,
  6. Battery,
  7. Lampu+Tiang PJU (Set’s), Penerangan Jalan Umum Tenaga Surya.
With very competitive prices and accompanied by after-sales service on every product that we offer because the products that we offer are of high and best quality and have been used not only in Indonesia but in other parts of the World.


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