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PT Tiga Pilar Energitama as one of the local companies established in 2020 with aim strives to develop the green renewable energy and infrastructures sector in Indonesia.

“We think,We learn,We study,We created  for South Sumatera People Prosperity”

Starting increasing of the world coal consumption in early 2017 after the last 5 years of deterioration is inseparable from the rapid increase in world energy demand where coal is the second largest energy supplier after oil with 26% contribution. This role is expected to increase to 29% by 2030. While its contribution as a power plant is estimated to also increase to 46% by 2030. The increasing role of coal as a supplier of energy in the future will make this industry a huge attraction for investors included in Indonesia.

As a reliable partner in energy development,we offer hybrid energy concepts with and by using ex.waste palm oil fuels that could be used as renewable energy material feed and as solutions that can produce and create a greener and much cleaner energy and environment for the fulfillment of electricity needs in Indonesian society and for the sustainability of our future generations.

“Founded in mid of 2018 and a company which is engaged in news and information media, media monitoring and online marketing product especially for the antique products and has its own unique value,PT.Karya Sahitya Digdaya had strong background in the web media publishing for Music,Film,Tourist,Culinary,Health,Attractions,Hobbies and other’s in the Year 70,80 and 90 and anti main-stream information but has a high value of information and knowledge to be used as reference material as for the readers and users.”

“PT. Karya Wangi Sagara is an andesite stone mining company with 11 hektare of mining concession area and 7 million of cubic metre reserves of stock and operated in Cirebon District,West Java Provinces. The Mine could deliver and supply for Aggregates Class A,B and C Product instead of Rock Boulder to the Customer with capacity of 50,000 cubic metre/month. The Mine had their owned mine road access for 3 Kilometres and width of 8 meters and magazine building for blasting activities in the Mine and therefore the Mine located approximately only 4 Kilometres from Highway Access and Province Public Road Access and 26 Kilometres from Cirebon Sea Port and 90 Kilometres from Patimban Sea Port Development.”