About Us

PT.Panah Perak Megasarana diversified their business and step in into the EPC and Energy Industrial Sector in 2016,on the unwavering faith that humanity’s existence is deeply connected to Mother Nature, PT.Panah Perak Megasarana was borne out of a passion to use natural resources conscientiously for the benefit of mankind, now and for generations to come.

We strive to grow our business and to help create a better future through developing cleaner energy and infrastructures choices leading to a better quality of life for everyone, especially for our next generations.

We believe in sustainable, advantageous growth through best green practices in everything we do and hope to serve as an example of green success to our stakeholders and We believe in our diverse workforce, encourage and developed the team that technology and innovation are the only sustainable way to move forward.



PT Panah Perak Megasarana was established in 2009 starting with the Property and Real Estate Industry and in 2016 diversified its business and business in 2016 with the desire to create things of value and contribute to the development of energy infrastructure and always prioritize the application of green and renewable energy in Indonesia and as part of the company’s service Towards programs from the Government, especially equal distribution of electrification ratio power achievement in Indonesia.

Reflect to the challenges that facing by the Government of Indonesia, Panah Perak Megasarana sees and participates being able to help the problems that are faced by the Government and seeks to take an important role in dealing with these problems by prioritizing the mission and objectives of the Company, with and to be able to become a trusted partner for the Indonesian Government and Indonesian Industry and Society in terms of the implementation of the appropriate technology and able to provide the availability of the infrastructure, energy and electricity and transportation facilities that are most competitive and efficient, sustainable with good quality and environmentally friendly and, most importantly, as an answer to the demographic problems that exist in Indonesia to be able to improve the welfare of the Indonesian people in general and in the end can help to reduce the cost of activities of the economic industry, especially subsidies for the cost of electricity to the Government of Indonesia in the electricity sector and special industrial costs logistics and distribution.

Company Objectives

Panah Perak Megasarana participates to help the problems that are being faced by the Government and seeks to take an important role in dealing with electrification problems in several areas that have not yet had electricity supply in rural areas with the application of renewable and appropriate energy technologies to be able to provide availability of electrification supply with energy infrastructure that is competitive and efficient, robust, sustainable with good quality and quantity and affordable in terms of cost and environmentally friendly and most importantly is the answer to the demographic problems in Indonesia to be able to improve the welfare of the Indonesian people in general and in the end it can help reduce the cost of economic activity in industrial wheels.

One of the factors driving the development of areas is economic activity. When the wheels of the economy turn, the people are more empowered and prosperous. Building economic infrastructure like electricity, telecommunication has become an important stimulant for triggering stretching of the village economy.